Tips for creative design for Envelopes

Need a great envelope design? Don’t have a design idea? No problem, Design agencies Hampshire are well specialised in designing award envelopes.Before it designs envelopes for business or personal use, it plans a strategy that leads from the first design concept to the printing phase. Oscars’ Best Picture winner Awards considers envelope design of top notch a proper illustration of Design agencies Hampshire artistic works , for example. While it is true that most envelopes are thrown out soon after they are opened, that brief time when the outside of the envelope is in clear view can be viewed as a marketing opportunity. The following envelope design tips adopted by Design agencies Hampshire.

Think about the recipient.
If your envelopes are for every day award use, a simple one or two color envelope design will be the most economical. If you are going to use envelopes for an award or special events such as weddings, you may want to consider full color envelope printing with a more advanced design.

Select the design options.
In the majority of cases, you will want to design your envelopes because the design of most business envelopes is simple and straightforward. You can upload your company logo along with any other graphics and text. If you want full color envelopes, you may want to ask a printing company to design them for you. Just upload any logos and text to the designer, and he/she can add graphics that should result in great full color envelopes.

Decide what information to include on the envelope.
Typically, a business envelope will include the company logo, company name, and the return address. Occasionally, a tagline is added that includes a short motto. Some organizations put their web address on the envelope. The recipient may only have the envelope in hand for a few second before they throw it away or recycle it, but that is enough time for them to see the address for your website. A wedding invitation envelope may include a brief statement about the upcoming event.

Do not clutter the envelope with too much graphics or text.

Even when designing an envelope for special events such as weddings, the recipients will want an attractive but simple design. The graphics should never obscure the text to make it difficult to read.Pay attention to contrast issues. Light yellow text on a white background is a bad idea. The text won’t be easily readable. Similarly, dark purple text on a dark blue background will cause your recipients to squint and frown.

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