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Your privacy with us is 100% guaranteed.  Any information that is gathered on this site is solely for the purpose of your participation in the features that we offer to you (e.g. mailing lists, surveys, messageboards, etc.).  We do not share in any way, shape or form the information that is submitted by you.  That information belongs to you and you alone and we respect your privacy.

We continuously take security measures to protect against loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.  We also take extra precautions to back-up and store all information offline so there is no chance that anyone can tap into or pilfer any of your personal and private information for any illegal or spamming practices.  We assuredly monitor the integrity of our servers.  We respect your right to remain anonymous if you so wish and would never do anything to compromise that right nor be responsible for those rights to be infringed upon in any way.

Any information is held strictly confidential and will never be disclosed to third parties unless a legitimate court warrant is issued in a form and manner that is acceptable to us.

Since there is no direct selling whatsoever of any products or services here there will never be the chance of any sensitive information to be had or used by us or anyone else.

We are very happy with the arrangement that we have with all of our visitors whom we prefer to call friends instead.  We would never knowingly do anything to jeopardize this.  If, at any time you feel that we are not doing everything possible to protect your personal privacy rights please let us know immediately and we will take the steps necessary to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

The same as with many other organizations on the world wide web we are sponsored and supported by many advertisers.  Although we carefully screen both the advertisers and the products offered by them to be sure they will not compromise our “family safe” site we cannot be responsible for any transactions or agreements that are invested in between you and them.  We have done all that we can to provide you with the best advertisers possible in the hopes that your experiences with them will be nothing less than satisfactory.  We cannot, however, be held responsible for their manner and practices of handling privacy matters.

We hope that this information puts your mind to rest that there will never be a time when we would share any of your private information with any third parties for any reason.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or anything else pertaining to our site, you can contact us – here.