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Postcard Help

If you are experiencing problems selecting, composing, editing or sending our cards, we have prepared some topics, listed below, that may help you find your answer.  Maybe you’re a newcomer to the web and are not familiar with sending electronic postcards – you will find many of your answers here.  We’ve also set this page to open in a new window (for PC users only) so that it will be available if needed as you prepare your card for sending.  Web TV users will have to go “back” if more help is needed along the way.

Choosing a card category
Select the type of card you wish to send from the index by clicking on a category.  You will then be taken to that category’s page of thumbnails (smaller versions of the full size postcard).

Choosing a card to send
When you arrive at the category page you have selected you will be able to either preview a full size version of a card or proceed to send the card without previewing it first.

Previewing a card
To preview a card click on the thumbnail picture.  A new, smaller window will open with the full size postcard.  This feature requires a java-enabled browser.  After previewing the card please close the window before selecting another to preview.  If you forget to close it you will find it minimized in your task bar at the bottom of your screen.

Sending a card
You must click on the word “Send” which will then take you to the postcard composition page.  From there you will find several options to use to personalize your card.

Selecting a different category
On every postcard category page you will find a drop-down menu listing all of the categories.  If you decide to choose a new category you will not have to go “back” to the previous page in order to do so.

Composing a card
You can personalize your card with your choices of backgrounds, text and background colors, headings, signatures, stamps, poems, music and for the advanced user – html is allowed in your text message.
Note – Our site uses some features slightly different than others which will be explained along the way.

Selecting a background
From the drop-down menu select (highlight) a background.  You will notice a blank image directly below the menu in which you will be able to preview the background image (it’s only a thumbnail of the tiled image).  To see it as the background behind the card you will have to “preview” the card after making all of your selections.

Selecting a background color
This is the color that will show up in the card behind the text and also behind the card itself if you do not choose a background image.  You should keep this in mind when choosing your text color (choose contrasting colors) as this (the text color) will also be the color of your heading and the “to” and “from” e-mail addresses which will appear outside of the card.

Selecting a text color
Please remember to choose a text color that will show up on your background color.  If you choose a dark color for your background, select a lighter color for your text.  If your background color is light then choose a darker text color.  Remember your background color selection will also be the color used behind the card itself if you do not select a background image to be used with your postcard.

Adding your text message
Occasionally we’ve heard from users who report that when they attempted to edit their card – they lost everything.  This means that when they arrived back to this page after previewing their card – everything they had typed in was now missing and they had to start all over again.

We’ve used both Netscape 4+ and Internet Explorer 5+ to test this page and personally have not experienced this problem.  Our best advice to you to avoid having to rewrite your entire message is to “copy” what you have written BEFORE previewing your card.  You will still have to re-select all of your color choices, background, etc. but at least your “heartfelt” message will not have been lost.

Selecting a poem
Browse through the titles in the selection box.  When you find a poem you would like to read, select it (highlight) and then click on the link directly under the selection box.  This will open a new window for you to read the poem.  Please close the window each time after reading in order for a new one to open to read the next poem that you choose.  When you’ve found the one that you would like to use in the postcard just leave that title selected and move on to the next step.

Selecting music
The drop-down menu has all of our music selections from which you can select and highlight one of them, then click on the link – “Click Here To Preview Selected Music”.  This will open a smaller new window on your screen where whichever media player you are using with your browser on your computer will display and play the selected song.  Close the window when you’ve finished listening to that selection and before opening a new song to listen to.  When you find the song you wish to add to your card simply leave that song selected and move on to the next option.  You can also alternately visit the “Music Room” to listen to the selections there by clicking on the link “Listen To The Music Here-The Music Room”.  This will also open a new browser window that can be closed after listening to the music and choosing a song.  With this method though, you will have to come back to the drop-down menu and look for the song and then select it (highlight it) and then move on to the next option.

Selecting a stamp
You can add a stamp to your postcard easily.  Go to the drop-down menu, select and highlight a stamp, watch to the right just as with the background preview you will see a blank box that will display the stamp you are choosing.  Each time you click on a different stamp selection you will see the image change to the one you are previewing.  When you get to the one you wish to use on your postcard simply leave that selection highlighted and go on to your next option.  After previewing your finished postcard, if you decide you want to choose a different stamp, just come back and repeat the previous steps.

Addressing your card
You must be sure to enter your recipient’s e-mail address correctly in order for your postcard to be delivered.  I know this sounds silly but you can be sure that it happens.  An e-mail address accidently gets typed incorrectly or you may think you hit a letter or symbol on your keyboard and missed it.  It can happen to anyone so don’t feel bad about this.  We have included an address book for your convenience here at A Postcard To Remember… and it will help insure that your e-mail addresses get entered correctly into the appropriate fields.  See next topic…

Using the address book
To create or use our address book feature – Click on the address book button to create your address book or to log in if you’ve already created one.
To create your address book – Fill in the information requested – name, user I.D., password and follow the instructions step by step to add contacts to your book.  You’ll probably need to have “cookies” enabled on your browser in order for the “remember username and password” feature to function.
Once you’ve created your address book you can then add your friends’ and family’s e-mail addresses which will be permanently stored to be used each time you return to our site to send cards.
If you choose not to use the address book you must be very careful to enter your recipients’ e-mail address exactly and correctly or your postcard can not be and will not be able to be delivered.

Previewing your card
After you’ve completed all of your selections to personalize your card you may choose to “Send Without Preview” or “Preview Postcard”.  The “Preview Postcard” is already selected as a precaution to keep you from accidently sending it without previewing it first if that’s what you wish to do.

Editing your card (Making Changes)
To make changes – Click the ” Click To Edit More” button on the preview page to go back and make changes until you’re satisfied with the card you want to send.
When you click on the “edit more” button, whichever browser you are using is “instructed” (by the coding for the button) to “go back” to the previous page (the one where you were creating the card).  If your browser is set to check for a newer version of the page then it’s going to “reload” the previous page and thus “erase” all of your selections.   Most browsers will keep a “copy” of the page in it’s cache or “memory” (the one with your selections that you’ve chosen).  But your browser’s settings will determine that.  Where are my browser settings and how do I change them?  Follow these instructions-

In Internet Explorer – go to “tools”, then “internet options”, then “general”.  You will see these selections-
Check for newer versions of stored pages:
-Every visit to the page
-Every time you start Internet Explorer
For the “edit more” feature to work – check the last one “Never”.

To send “now” or “later”
You can send your card immediately to arrive in your recipient’s e-mail the same day or you can send it up to 14 days in advance simply by selecting and highlighting the date you wish for your card to get there in the drop-down menu box.  It is very important for you to remember that once the card is on it’s way there is no way for us to retrieve the card and keep it from being delivered.  That question has been asked and we’re sorry to say there is nothing that we can do to stop delivery once you hit the “Send” button.