Words Of Encouragement

Encouragement Line

We all know someone close to us who have had their hard times, discouraging moments or maybe they are just having a bad day...
We want to reach out and make things better for them but at times there's not much more
that we can do but just offer our support and hopefully some meaningful words to lift their spirits and make them feel better.  Those words are sometimes hard to find...
We would like to suggest one of the following cards...

To Send - Just click on each thumbnail below and you will be taken to that card's page.  From there, if you like, you can send the card!  OR, you can click your "back" button on your browser's window to return to this page and choose another card to preview.  There will also be a - "Return to 'Words of Encouragement'" link on each card page for you to use to return to this page."

"God Never Meant..."

"When It Rains It Pours"

"I'm With You..."

"Hope Is..."

"Though The Way May Be Rough"

"If A Hug Will Help"

"My Arms Are Always Open"

"Somebody Cares"

"If I Could, I Would Take..."

"You're Not Alone"

Brought to you by the Friendship Connection

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